There is no more sincere love than the love of food.

~ George Bernard Shaw

COOKING STUDIO is designed to make cooking a fun and creative experience for all food aficionados and to introduce them to the world of culinary arts.

Our courses cover the essentials of Italian, French, Thai, Indian and Californian cuisines. We also offer classes in pastry and bread preparation, wine tasting and table service.

Prepared by renowned chefs, all our courses are held in our state of the art kitchen with cutting edge appliances.

Our menus are designed to provide you with a strong foundation in each cuisine, enable you to learn specific dishes, and empower you with the insights and techniques necessary to become an insider in the cuisines of your choice!

We emphasize home cooking - dishes that you can replicate at home. Our studio, equipped with home cooking appliances, reinforces our commitment to teaching you something that you will incorporate into your standard repertoire.

Cooking Studio


 1F, No. 15, Lane 14, Chung-Shan North Road, Section 7, Tien-Mou, Taipei, Taiwan

 Tel: (02) 2876-7167

 Fax: (02) 2872-8038

Bus Stops:

Three Jade Temple -- 220, 680, 685, 602, 616, 645, citizen bus #11, 285, 606, 646, 紅12
Tien-Mu Square -- 220, 267, 224, 535, 685, Chung-Shang Line, 601, 616, 680, R19


  • NT$2,600 for demo French cuisine (3 recipes)
  • NT$2,300 for hands-on French (2 recipes)
  • NT$1,900 for wine tasting class (taste 3 kinds of wine)